Those that have an interest in horses usually have a passion for learning as much as they can about them. Here on our site, we have focused on some important topics that relate to this beautiful animal. Our desire is that what you learn here will give you a greater insight as to just how valuable horses are to our society.

Horse Breeds

Many times an individual will have a desire to buy a horse. Their first priority will be on which breed should they choose. There are many different breeds and this makes choosing one challenging. Here we have talked about just a few of these. There is a post dedicated to the heavy horse breeds. Here it gives some insight as to the different breeds that fit into this category.

Expensive Horses

There are a lot of horses in the UK and other parts of the world that have a huge price tag on them. They have earned this for different reasons. Our posts talk about some of the most expensive horses according to their specific breeds. Then another post talks about expensive stallions. We felt this was important because without the stallions, and of course the mares we would not have the horses that we enjoy today.

Horse racing

Horse racing is such a popular sport we would be neglient if we did not include some information about this on our site. Our posts will talk about the best breeds for horse racing. Also, there is some interesting information here about the basics of horse betting.