Every breed of horse has its attributes. Originally they each had a specific purpose that they were bred for. Among the different breeds, there was usually one that was considered outstanding. As such a high value was put on them.

McIlrath’s Captain Jim

In 2003 this horse sold for £ 69,400. This horse is in the draught horse breed. The amount he sold for does not seem high in comparison to the sale of some other horses. But the fact that it was a draught horse is what makes the sale impressive. He was a two-year-old Belgian stallion at the time of the sale.


Anyone that is involved in the world of dressage will recognise the name of this horse. The price tag on this beauty was €11m. His many feats in the show ring are what earned him this high price tag. All of this success took place when being handled by his Dutch rider. Totilas never performed the same under his new rider, Matthias Rath. In 2015 Totilas went into retirement as a stud.

Fugaichi Pegasus

For those wanting to see the most expensive horse ever, they will want to see this one. Who happens to be a thoroughbred. He has earned his high price tag based on his racing results. This horse sold for £53.7 million. He was originally purchased as a yearling for $4. million.

Palloubet d’Halong

The claim to fame for this horse was as a showjumper. As a ten-year-old gelding, he was sold in 2013. The sale price was £11.5 million. His performance at the Grand Prix at CHIO Achen no doubt helped to build this price tag. He came in second in this event.

It goes to show that it is not just one breed of horse that can be recognized for their high value financially or performance wise.