There are so many wonderful breeds of horses. Most often when someone is choosing a horse they will pay attention to the breed. Especially if they want to use the horse for a specific purpose. For example, many people have a desire to race a horse. For these people, there are a few particular breeds that they will want to pay attention to.


For most this is the breed they are most familiar with when it comes to horse racing. It is partly because many of the major horse races only allow the thoroughbreds to compete. A horse that is classified as a thoroughbred means its dam and sire are of the same breed. These horses are known for their speed and agility. They can be high strung and at times difficult to handle.


When it comes to the age of horse breeds the Arabian is one of the oldest. What makes this breed a good choice for racing is not only their speed but their stamina. They are exceptionally good at endurance racing.


This particular breed is well known for its abiliy to perform in harness racing. They tend to be more muscular compared to some of the other types used for horse racing. Within the racing world for this breed there are two categories. One is the pacers and the other is the trotters.

American Quarter Horse

This particular breed is highly recognized for its indurance. It has a stocky build. When it comes to racing it performs best on a quarter mile distance. This is where it got its name from. Aside from racing, this particular breed fits in well with many other types of horse events. It is one of the more versatile breeds. It also makes a great pleasure horse.

Those that are going to buy a horse specifically for racing need to do some careful research as to the specific breed they want.