There are many beloved sports throughout the UK. One of the most popular is horse racing. Within this sport there are two main categories. There is the flat racing and then there is the National Hunt Racing. Both are equally exciting and a lot of fun to watch.

For those that are keen on keeping up with the latest racing news there are a lot of resources available to help with this.

Flat Racing

Just as the name implies these races are run on flat grounds. The focus here is put on both the speed and stamina of the horse. For the jockey, attention is placed on their skills. The track length can vary from between 5F to two miles or perhaps more. The surface can also vary. In some races the horses may be running on a grass surface. Then, other tracks are comprised of synthetics.

There are different variations of flat racing. These are classics, handicaps and maidens. Also they include the group and listed races. There are usually ongoing flat racing events to be enjoyed. There are some that are really popular which are;

  • Guineas Festival
  • Derby Festival
  • Royal Ascot

Jump Racing

Many people enjoy the speed of the flat racing. But there are lots that like the extra challenges that come with Jump Racing. In this type of race there are obstacles that the horses are expected to jump. Horses that are successful in this type of racing not only have to have stamina, but agility as well. The distances they will cover can range from two miles up to a maximum of four and a quarter miles. The categories they may participate in are handicaps and hurdle races. Also, steeplechases and bumpers. Some of the main events for this category of racing are;

  • Cheltham Festival
  • Grand National

Both of these forms of racing are very popular in the UK. They are thoroughly enjoyed by both the spectators and the participants.